Monday, June 28, 2010

The Free Press Bistro (Edmonton)

Last Friday, I called Raeanna up after my classes were done and ask her to meet up with me for lunch and just to chill. Because we met at 2, we couldn't eat at my first choice because their lunch hours are 11 - 2 so we walked around the area and spotted The Free Press Bistro so we decided to try the place out.

Caprese Panini : With Tomato, Brocconcini and Basil Pesto ($12.95)
and with substitute of their soup: Creamy tomato puree with roasted vegetables ($1.5)

I loved this panini. It was pressed to crispy and cheesy perfection. The cheese was just right and a long time was spent pulling the cheese apart. The tomatoes were also a nice balance to this panini but I wish there was a more bold basil taste present in the hot panini. But overall a A+ for the great bread and taste.

I wished I tasted the soup first before Raeanna, because her first comment was its sour. That just clouded my own judgement on the soup and I just ended up tasting for the sourness on my first sip. Next time, no! I will try the dish first. But I didn't mind the soup too much, it was not the BEST tomato soup I had yet.

Raeanna's Linguini Carbonara: Bacon, Egg, and Parmesan ($14.95)

Me and Raeanna both agree the the Linguini was lacking some serious cream sauce. The linguini was bland and tasted more like egg or maybe that's the point of the chef. What won the dish must have been the generous amounts of bacon, like full-size not little bacon bits.

Raspberry Crème Brûlée ($7)

As I order and taste a variety of Crème brûlée from all over Edmonton and in other places, I finding my palette for this custard is getting picker and judgmental. With this raspberry Crème Brûlée it was just too sour for my tasting. The syrup, burnt sugar and the custard itself was all sour and I didn't like that. The custard also was set way too much and that is not the way I like my Crème Brûlée. I only had a bite while Raeanna finished the rest.

It was a very surprising and great lunch at TFPB and I will make note to try the place out again for their awesome and tasty paninis!

The Free Press Bistro
10014 104 Street Northwest
Edmonton, AB T5J 0X2, Canada
(780) 497-7784

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