Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Marc Restarant

Finally, after a year long mini hiatus, I decided to post again. Hope you enjoy it. Many things has happened over the past year, new relationships, new outlook, new persepective comes along with a new food post. This visit was to the Marc Restaurant with Marc. This was back in the month of febuary of our 2nd month along with Valentine's Day kind of fancy Dinner. We made reservations at 5:30pm where we were able to beat the rush.

Appie: Mussels (Special of the night)

Steak Frites - Grilled Sirloin steak with foie gras butter($22.0)

Marc's entree, the steak was quite juicy and it was huge slice of the foie gras butter. The fries were served with the truffle ailoi, however the fries were a bit salty. However, it was still the most popular dish of the night considering of all the tables I saw that ordered the steak.

Arctic Char with polenta, and kale ($22.0)

I enjoyed my entree also, the fish was clean, crispy and very light to eat.

French Beignets ($6.0)

Mini Donuts made to order with caramel and vanilla sauces. HMMMMM

The Marc
9940 106th Street
(780) 429-2828

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