Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Last Saturday evening, it was the last public day for the Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival. Since I didn't want to work the same event 3rd night in a row, I attended the large event this year. Me and Raeanna met up at Shaw, around 4:30-5pm, and we went in early before the crowds hit.

On The Rocks : Steak Bites-tender bites of AAA Alberta Beef, pan seared and served with dipping sauce

We started with these little steak bites, and they were quite juicy, tender all in one bite size. It was just too sad I only had 5 bites.

Moriarty's Bistro | Wine Bar: Hazelnut crusted Mahi Mahi with Chai cream sauce and lobster truffle risotto

I had the Mahi Mahi with risotto. The portion size was just right, and the fish encrusted with hazelnut was cooked just right and had good texture. Though I'm not the greatest fan of any kind of risotto, it was quite infused with the truffle aroma and cream sauce but I couldn't notice much lobster taste. Raeanna was able to spot the Chai taste fairly quickly also but I wasn't, haha.

Moriarty's Bistro | Wine Bar: Herb crusted flank steak with duck and black trumpet mushroom perogy and an Earl grey and black trumpet “Stroganoff” sauce

Raeanna had the perogy and flank steak from Moriarty's, but I don't think she was too thrilled when her flank steak just tasted like pepper more than anything. The dish filled her up but not too sure of her reaction to the dish.

Milestones Grill and Bar: Butterscotch Pot de Crème served with dark chocolate toffee crunch, flavoured with premium scotch and topped with dark chocolate cream

Thursday night when I tried this: I love it. It was rich, smooth and had great crunchy texture but I was sad I only had a very little cup of it. However, Raeanna didn't agree totally with me on Saturday night, it was just all right with her.

Koutouki: Sizzing Ouzo Prawns

First I must admit I was shocked and happily surprised at the sheer size of these prawns, but again sadden I only had 2! It was cooked to shrimp perfection, just right and not overcooked at all. It was pan seared in olive oil and with some lemon, and a hint of something sweet which I could not figure out whatsoever!

Shaw Conference Centre Collage : 3 different types of truffles (Top: Milk Chocolate Salty Caramel Truffle, Passion Fruit Coconut Truffle, and Dark Chocolate Espresso Truffle), and Smoked Salmon with Salmon Mousse and Fresh Cucumbers in a plastic verrine.

The day before I attended the festival , I was working as hostess at the Shaw Booth, and I've pigged out my fair share on Shaw samples. The Smoked Salmon and mousse was quite tasty. The lemon in the mousse along with the fresh cucumbers were able to cut through the richness of the mousse and made for great texture. And the truffles, oh, how decadent they were! The winner was the Milk Chocolate Salty Caramel Truffle, and from all the reactions of countess women I saw, it was mind-blowing. Everyone had a reaction to the gooey chocolate and the crunchy outside coating.

Billingsgate Lighthouse Café: Lobster Bisque prepared the traditional French style with cognac, cream and a rich lobster broth AND Jamaican Prawns with a spicy jerk sauce & tropical fruit salsa

The Lobster Bisque was just amazing. It was rich, creamy, and frothy. There were little lobster bits just waiting to be found too. I lost count how many I had over the past 3 days, it was just that good, and the number two on top just added points in my books. The Prawns were quite de-lish also, though not as large as the ones from Koutouki, it had more kick in terms of flavor and heat. The spicy jerk sauce was indeed spicy as I kept popping the prawns in my mouth, I guess, that the fruit salsa is supposed to help cool the heat with a rush of sweetness.

Fiesta Olives: Festive Mix, and Purple Olives

Hmmmmm, Olives, how I grow to love thee. All of them were quite good, there were some green and purple ones with a celery inside, which just added to the texture and crunch to the olive.

The Copper Pot: Braised Bison Short Ribs-slowly braised in a red wine demi glace with its natural jus with Duck Sausage- Brome Lake duck, sundried tomato and garlic sausage

Round 1: I found this by asking someone else where they got there's. And why not, it's like a huge piece of meat! and it looks mighty tasty too. I must admit, it did not disappoint at all, well, except the duck sausage. I could have went without the sausage and still be a happy gal, it was just kinda bland and lacking of any duck flavor whatsoever. However, the real winner here was the bison short ribs. Braised so tenderly in its fat and juices, it was full of flavor and not dry at all. (And also while I was eating away, someone else asked where I got this plate from!)

Round 2: It was sooo good, I had to get another one!!! and guess what? While I was eating my 2nd sample, someone asked me where I got this too!! =D