Friday, October 15, 2010

Sugarbowl Sweetness

Last weekend, the same day after going to PURE, and before going to POSTSECRET, Raeanna and I head to SugarBowl for some food and to play more catchup. I must admit, we were very adventurous with our dinner choices because we obviously ordered more than any of us can handle, alone and together.

Olives! ($3.0)
Combination of many types of olives.

Raeanna's Potato Sauerkraut Soup ($5.0)

Mussels cooked in Hoegaarden Beer and Bacon served with corn bread ($12.0)

The mussels was a flop. Some were okay, some were overcooked, and more than half didn't open! It was a generous serving, but just wasn't worth in the end because I ended up wasting more than half wasn't able to go in my belly to enjoy. The upside: Different variation by cooking such a beer with mussels, Good bacon and Corn Bread.

Raeanna's Caesar Salad ($10.0)

Their Special: Thanksgiving Poutine ($13.0)

I became afraid just at the sheer size of the plate when this arrived at our table. I was about 60% full and the plate of Poutine just seemed endless. The fries were fresh, crisp and excellent with their gravy. There was a lot of turkey, but not enough dark meat, as always. Needless to say, I had to pack the leftovers in a box.

10922 - 88 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T6G 0Z1
(780) 433-8369

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