Friday, October 15, 2010

Sugarbowl Sweetness

Last weekend, the same day after going to PURE, and before going to POSTSECRET, Raeanna and I head to SugarBowl for some food and to play more catchup. I must admit, we were very adventurous with our dinner choices because we obviously ordered more than any of us can handle, alone and together.

Olives! ($3.0)
Combination of many types of olives.

Raeanna's Potato Sauerkraut Soup ($5.0)

Mussels cooked in Hoegaarden Beer and Bacon served with corn bread ($12.0)

The mussels was a flop. Some were okay, some were overcooked, and more than half didn't open! It was a generous serving, but just wasn't worth in the end because I ended up wasting more than half wasn't able to go in my belly to enjoy. The upside: Different variation by cooking such a beer with mussels, Good bacon and Corn Bread.

Raeanna's Caesar Salad ($10.0)

Their Special: Thanksgiving Poutine ($13.0)

I became afraid just at the sheer size of the plate when this arrived at our table. I was about 60% full and the plate of Poutine just seemed endless. The fries were fresh, crisp and excellent with their gravy. There was a lot of turkey, but not enough dark meat, as always. Needless to say, I had to pack the leftovers in a box.

10922 - 88 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T6G 0Z1
(780) 433-8369

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  1. Wow! Found your blog through "A Canadian Foodie" here in Edmonton, and I LOOVVVVVE Sugarbowl! I haven't been there in forever, so thanks for giving me a reason to head back :)

  2. Hi Tracy, Those shots of Thanksgiving (endless) poutine just made my DAY. I just wanted to say I liked your blog and wondering if you'd be interested in sharing your restaurant outings on For example, if you wanted to post your experience at Sugarbowl on our site, you'd enter a spoonback from (via Feel free to email me if you have questions. Cheers, Christine {at} urbanspoon {dot} com