Monday, September 6, 2010

Credo Coffee + Suede Lounge

Last Thursday night, I went out with Raeanna to catch up and off course to eat at a new place! hehe. But first we had coffee at Credo Coffee because I wanted to get a Matcha Latte! hehe with green tea art.

Afterwards, we walked more than a couple blocks to Suede Lounge for dinner.

Soho Martini

Clams, Fried Calamari, Sweet Potato Fries and Crusted Scallops.

The scallops were cooked just right. Soft and not overdone. There was some nice color but I do wished that it could be more of a crunch to it. However I don't know if scallops can do that.

A pound of clams in tomato sauce. Need I say more? HMMM.

Suede Lounge

11806 Jasper Avenue Northwest
Edmonton, AB T5K 0N7
(780) 482-0707


  1. The green tea looks divine... so, is sued lounge a place for fine dining? It kind of looks like it - but I thought it was more or a bar...???

  2. I think its more of a place to chill, have some drinks and eat some tapas. Not too sure about fine dining though.

  3. Oh, I love Matcha lattes! The first one I ever had was in Tokyo and now I'm looking for a place here in town. Mmm... Matcha green tea is my fave.