Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Waffles and Sandwiches

So I found out via twiter that Edmonton actually had a moblie truck seeling waffles!!! So I had to get on that bandwagon ASAP!
So last thursday, found out they sold waffles at the Alberta Ave Farmer's Markets Thursday 2 pm - 7 pm, and I can bike fast there and just grab one to go!

Found it...I actually smelled the fresh waffles blocks way....it was very enticing.

I got their Vanilla Waffle with whipped cream and strawberry and blueberry sauce to drizzle at $4.00.

I couldn't wait to dig in!!! It was so warm the cream started to melt, the waffle itself was fluffy and still have a bit of a crunchy top..just perfect! I will return no doubt to try their other options.

Sandwich and soup at Canada's Place

The soup was pasta and cheese, not that great or that warm either.

The sandwich was awesome, I am really lovin' beansprouts or peashoots with sandwiches now, makes it look more healthier and adds a bit of a crunch. BTW I got egg salad.

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