Friday, July 9, 2010

Sugar Bowl

Wednesday afternoon, I was just loitering around at my friend; Donna's flat. We went to buy hair styling supplies, I watch her try to clean and pack. She showed her self narrated basement room in Calgary to me, we waited for her landlord to install a working mircowave and biked in the rain and sun to Futureshop and back to fix her computer. After an eventful afternoon we waited for Doris's friend, Audrey to come so we all could go eat!

I wanted a drink so bad because of a bad, bad midterm in computer class, so I suggested Sugar Bowl..hehe, miss that place! The place was packed full of customers!

Our Drinks: My Mojito, and Donna's Long Island Iced Tea (~$7.0)
Donna's (I thought) was kinda gross but she thought it was ok. My mojito was ok as I keep sipping but not as great as the ones from Las Vegas. Sigh*

Our Dishes!! Looks so tasty...can't wait to dig in! =)

Donna's Steak and Frites
She wasn't as pleased or happy as she could be with her plate, her steak was a tad bit over cooked and that cause the steak to be to chewy for her liking. However, glad to say she did finish her plate like the good girl she is..hehe

Doris's Bison Chili and Corn Bread
From past experience I knew the corn bread was to die for, and her comments of the chili was that it was also great. Great combo.

Chicken and Waffles
Audrey and I both were intrigued by the name of this dish: Chicken and Waffles. But I sad to heard that the chicken was not fried, I never got the chance to try that dish in New York, so I wanted to try this version. The chicken instead was pan-fried and it came with this heavenly and surely terribly bad for the heart Maple Butter. It was sinfully good. Our waiters told us that the Maple Butter is made with just maple syrup and butter, and Doris scrapped the dip plate empty because it was just that addicting. Sad to report that the chicken, for me, failed in execution. First I only had three measly pieces and it was a bit dry as it went into the mouth. But a total A+ just for the Maple Butter!

Bread Pudding
We shared dessert: Bread Pudding, but in hindsight should have shared one between the four of us. We could barely finish! The dessert was a combination of banana bread with raisins, it was quite good but too much for dessert. It was quite a large portion.

Sugar Bowl
10922 88 Avenue Northwest
Edmonton, AB T6G 0Z1, Canada
(780) 433-8369

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