Sunday, July 11, 2010

Packrat Louie

Last Thursday night, I met up with John to catch up, talk and of course eat! We went to Packrat Louie off Whyte for an early dinner.

So cool! This was how they showed the dessert menu. Since the table was covered in paper, they stamp this huge box onto the cool!

Pan Seared Calamari ($14)

Sauteed with Curried shrimp butter and baby spinach, finished with coconut lime creme fraiche and mango chutney.

Both me and John really like this dish, there was a lot of Asian flavors even in the way the calamari was cooked, and I like that. I couldn't really taste the coconut lime creme fraiche and the mango chutney had it's own dimension. The mango wasn't the sweet sweet mango but rather a different type, I remember the taste but just couldn't pinpoint where I knew it came from. I really like the curry sauce and everything just blended so well together and just made me wanted more. =9

John's Dish: Crusted Halibut ($32)
Corn Flake Crusted Halibut topped with dill aioli, sauteed vegetables, and basil-pesto angel hair pasta

John loved this dish, he said it was like an upgraded Micky D's Fillet-o-Fish. The fish itself had a crunchy crust while it's flesh was flaky and just perfect in the mouth. He also was loving the bail-pesto angel hair pasta, he kept asking what made the pasta green since he forgot what the menu said, and I knew it was pesto..hehe. Again the pasta was really good too, and I think he wanted a larger serving of the pasta by itself.

Carmen Creek Bison Duo ($32)
Certified organic Alberta Bison Stirploin and Short Rib with Sauteed Vegetables and Truffled Pommes Puree

Now that I read the menu again, I did not know that there was even any actual Truffled Pommes Puree, instead they tasted and looked like mashed potatoes to me..huh. The Short Rib of the Bison was just a small portion but it just reminded me of the meat texture that is put into soups or stews. I don't like the string like texture of the meat as part if a entree. The Striploin was really good, cooked to a perfect medium rare, it didn't give such a strong meat flavor as beef does but just mildly.

Creme Brulee ($8)

Today's flavors: I forgot the whole name but our server said it tasted almond-like.
And they delivered on that. First bite was kinda weird for me, it was not sweet like previous creme brulee's I have tried but since it was almond flavor there was this tone down bitter taste to it. But this creme brulee grew on me as I kept tasting it and John also really liked this dessert too, which was good because he finished most of it!

A great 2 hour dinner spent with good company and good food. Catching up with good friends, conversation just flows and continues on which is such a nice change. I felt really bad that John offered to pay for the meal because he did so before, but once I get a job and some money, I'll return the flavor! HEHE

Packrat Louie
10335 83 Avenue Northwest
Edmonton, AB T6E 5C3, Canada
(780) 433-0123

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