Monday, February 15, 2010

Sicilian Kitchen

Just had dinner with parents, auntie and cousin and we had it at Sicilian Kitchen. It was not too bad, not great either. Bringing the parents out may not be a great idea, not only just for their pockets but their acceptability to try out new food.

antipasto ($17)

This appetizer came with the typical things you'll see: ham, cheese, olives, pickles, artichokes etc. Our whole table found more than a few things too salty and my mom could not for the sake of her come to accept the stinky-ness of aged cheddar cheese. It was all ok, but again all a bit on the salty side...=(

linguine with seafood ($17)

I was expecting my linguine to be awesome, and with high expectations the harder the dish had room to fall. I think I was comparing it way too much to the dish I had at Sorrentino's months past. My linguine, though good, the portion size was huge and really unnecessary. I'm really starting to feel with the giant price you don't have to expect large large portions but I expect great great taste. I don't know I feel cheated....haha. Seafood could have been better instead of just little baby shrimps, and tail pieces of the squid.

In the end, I don't think I will make a stop again to Sicilian Kitchen any time soon or ever. Service was not that great either cause I just found our server a bit off and annoying and not that "great off her feet."

Sicilian Pasta Kitchen
11239 Jasper Avenue Northwest
Edmonton, AB
(780) 488-3838

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