Sunday, February 21, 2010

(Edmonton) Soul Soup, Three Bananas Cafe, The Duchess

During work Friday afternoon, Raeanna was persistence to get off work and go for lunch. Since I was pretty full already we just went to get soup. So where else then to Soul Soup for their different soups.

Mine: Fish soup: Jalapeno Salmon and Tomato cream ($4.75)

It was quite good, and lots of salmon pieces and it had a kick to it after it went down, which was quite nice.
Raeanna: Veg: Moroccan Harira with red lentils, sun dried apricots and cous cous

Her soup was a bit on the sweet side due to the apricots. I don't I like sweet soups that much, I'm more for the savory and the salt...haha


Afterward, it was still early and I want coffee with a drawing on top so I suggested Three Bananas Cafe at City Hall. I never been for coffee there so I want to try it out!

Carmel Latte ($4.15)

And look the lady can make a picture with the foam/milk! Wish I can do that, but first I would need a machine! It was quite good and I don't like coffee that much but I think the caramel help with added sweetness!



Today, I wanted to headed off downtown to visit The Duchess, a bake shop. Since reading about it on a blog I wanted to check this "French- Inspired" Cafe myself. For such a small cafe, it has its non-stop of customers.

Cappuccino and Pain au Chocolat - Milk ($4.75)

The Pain au Chocolat was just awesome, took me back to Nice, France. It looks hard and dry but when I took a bite out of it it was not only soft and flaky but moist. The only complaint I had about it was the chocolate was found only the bottom of the pastry, it would have been better if chocolate was found all over the pastry. But I totally would go again just for the pain au chocolat.

Box of Shortbread and Rosemary shortbread cookies. Pistachio and Lemon Macaron ($9.20)

This Pistachio Macaron was ok, though I am not entirely sure of what Macaron was supposed to taste it. I always thought it was supposed to light and airy? It was rich, that's for sure coming from a little thing like that. The filling in the middle was good and sticky..hehe.

Soul Soup
140-10020 101A Avenue Northwest
Edmonton, AB T5J 3G2
(780) 409-8272

Three Bananas Cafe
9918 102 Avenue Northwest
Edmonton, AB T5J 5H7
(780) 428-2200

The Duchess
10720 124 Street Northwest
Edmonton, AB
(780) 488-4999

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