Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lee's House and Cupcakes!

May 1st, before heading to Wonderland, me and Kiko went to Lee House for some long awaiting Korean Food! We were in the mood for some free kimchi!

Our order: some spicy seafood soup with noodles with some banchan sides

Mmmm....some spicy goodness! <3

Our half order of Korean style sweet and sour fried was good =9

It was soo much we struggle to finish the last pieces!

Pic of the mini - cupcakes we bought at Fuzz Cupcakes to cheer up a friend!

These pics were taken at some candy shop on whyte while waiting for the bus to come.


  1. OK - I will have to look up where Lee House is. I love Korean Food and thought the Bulgogi House was the only place in town to go. Thanks for the enlightenment. Your meal looked really delicious. I am not a cupcake fan. But, I know they are all the rage. Homemade cupcakes are a different matter. I have never found any cupcake place that makes a cake that is substantial. The make light fluffy flavoured air - or cardboard cake - and really beautiful looking sweets that have always been a taste disappointment to me. I have actually stopped trying them.

  2. too...cupcakes to me are to look at and crave...not actually eating..hehe.