Monday, April 26, 2010

L2 Grill

So tonight me and Raeanna headed to L2 Grill by Fantasyland Hotel before watching "Oceans"

The interior and also exterior reminded me a lot of the Las Vegas theme restaurants: modern, hip, and off to the side. It was not super packed but there was a few patrons.

Our Amuse Bouche in a spoon. What I can remember mostly sausage like meat.

Our Bread came fresh and warm...not like Shaw bread =(

Red pepper spread, Tzatziki spread, and rolls of butter!

Lobster Bisque ($10)
White Chocolate, Brandy, Cream

We both started with a lobster bisque that came in this neat bowl presentation and with a little side salad. The bisque was rich with lobster flavor and very creamy. Sadly, I was not able to detect the white chocolate taste but the side salad was very light, and there was some lobster on the bottom waiting to be discovered. =)

Raeanna's Appetizer : Lamb Carpaccio ($10)

From Raeanna words, she was not pleased with her appetizer. First, the lamb was cut rather thick, and not only did it lack flavor for the whole dish the potatoes was too much and actually overpowering the carpaccio itself. =(

My Appetizer : Spicy Salmon Ceviche ($10)

This plate was a big letdown of the meal. First it was not at all spicy. Second the dish desperately needed some acid, I know there was some lime and lemon wedges there but it was bland, bland, bland. The salmon itself was lacking flavor so it was just very fishy. =(

Mascarpone Strawberry Bombe ($10)

This was very good, good thing we shared dessert because there was no way to finish the whole dessert alone! It was rich with mascarpone along with some almond flavor with coconut shavings on top. It was in the middle where one can find the strawberry bombe!

Finally, we were served with some chocolates! I tried the triangle one with the nut on top with was very good. Sadley, I lost the white one so I didn't have a chance to try it =(

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  1. What a beautiful lookoing dinner. We must go - I live so close to WEM - there is no excuse. YUM