Monday, March 15, 2010

(Edmonton) Lazia for Lunch

Saturday afternoon my friends and I wanted to go to a restaurant that's involved with Edmonton Dining Week. However, the first restaurant we were denied because Brinda is not yet eighteen and the place was a bar. Second place only had the menu for dinner. Third and fourth restaurant was only open for dinner not for lunch. =(

So we headed back to the second restaurant, Lazia, just because we couldn't decided on a restaurant and we were all hungry!

Sante Fe Chicken Benedict ($11.95)
Poached Eggs, Pesto Chicken, Sweet Corn Bread Pudding, Cheesy Potatoes, and Fruit Salad

The Sweet Corn Bread Pudding was okay, sweet and savory (probably from the butter on top) but flaking in the bottom. The cheesy potatoes was a let down, it didn't taste like the potatoes was cooked all the way through. All and all, it didn't taste all that special. The Benedict itself and good, eggs cooked a little bit through since the yolk was not at all runny. =( However I found it cool the way they cooked the eggs, almost like it was boiled poached..haha.

Raeanna's Dish: Pad Thai One On ($15.95)

Raeanna's Creme Brulee ($7.95)

I must declared the most sad display of a creme brulee by both me and Raeanna. The top didn't not provide a "crack" sound, the first sign. Then, the filling didn't seem that it set, it was runny like a custard and didn't even taste that good. Very disappointing indeed. =(

Brinda's White Chocolate and Mango Mousse
I must admit it was very Though I didn't care for the mango flavor that much, it tasted artificial to me, and no where in that dessert did I taste white chocolate, also sad =(

Lazia Restaurant
Suite A113
10200-102 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5J 4B7

(780) 990-0188

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